Heartland Returns April 25 for its 17th Season on UP Faith & Family


The long-running Canadian drama series “Heartland” is back with its 17th season, premiering on the UP Faith & Family streaming service in the US. The season will be released weekly, starting from April 25, with a three-week break after the fifth episode.

Heartland” is set in the picturesque town of Hudson, Alberta, and follows the Bartlett-Fleming family as they navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns while running their beloved ranch. The series is based on the bestselling book series of the same name by Lauren Brooke.

The 17th season continues the show’s legacy of heartwarming family drama and wholesome storytelling. This season focuses on the characters Amy, played by Amber Marshall, and her sister Lou, portrayed by Michelle Morgan, as they face new challenges and adventures. Lou’s political journey as she runs for re-election as Hudson’s mayor adds an intriguing layer to the story.

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The first episode of season 17, titled “The Path Less Traveled,” aired in Canada on October 1, 2023, marking the show’s 250th episode. The season consists of 10 episodes, which is a departure from previous seasons that typically featured 15 or more episodes.

The show has a massive cast, with a few notable absences this season. Sadly, Robert Cormier, who played Finn in seasons 15 and 16, passed away in 2022.

“Heartland” has become the longest-running series on Canadian TV, and its popularity extends beyond Canada, with a dedicated fan base in the US and other international regions. UP Faith & Family is the exclusive home for US fans to watch the new season, with Netflix typically receiving the latest seasons several months later.

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With its stunning Alberta backdrop, “Heartland” continues to draw in audiences with its timeless narrative that skillfully weaves together family dynamics and the beauty of ranching life.

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