High Stakes UK Thriller Trigger Point, Series 1 Streaming Now on Britbox

Trigger Point

Trigger Point is a British crime thriller that focuses on the high-pressure world of counter-terrorism operations and police bomb disposal in London sees its first season arriving on Britbox on Wednesday April 17. The series follows Lana Washington, an experienced bomb disposal officer, as she confronts a wave of explosive devices planted during a summer terror campaign. Pushed to her limits, Lana navigates extreme pressure from the public and her superiors while searching for the bomber’s true identity.

The story centers on Lana Washington, a Metropolitan Police bomb disposal expert known as an ‘Expo.’ During a scorching summer heatwave, Lana and her partner Joel Nutkins are called to investigate a potential bomb factory in a London housing estate. As the narrative unfolds, they uncover evidence of a deadlier terrorist threat, racing against time to defuse bombs and save lives. The stakes rise when Joel is killed in a bombing, and Lana struggles with her personal loss and the intense demands of her job.

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Lana finds solace in her relationship with Karl, but her world is turned upside down when she discovers a disturbing family connection to a far-right extremist group called The Crusaders. As the bombing campaign intensifies, targeting an LGBTQ+ bar and a mosque, Lana and her team face increasing danger. The first season builds towards a shocking revelation: the true identity of the bomber and their connection to Lana.

Vicky McClure stars as Lana Washington, the skilled and dedicated bomb disposal officer. She is joined by Adrian Lester as Joel “Nut” Nutkins, Lana’s partner and close friend, whose death early in the series sets off a chain of events. Mark Stanley portrays DI/DCI Thom Youngblood, Lana’s colleague and romantic interest.

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The ensemble cast includes Nabil Elouahabi as Hassan “Hass” Rahim, a member of Lana’s team; Eric Shango as Danny, a relatively new recruit; and Kerry Godliman as Dr. Sonya Reeves, an expert in explosives and chemistry. Warren Brown portrays Karl Maguire, an old friend of Joel’s whose true motives are revealed in a shocking twist.

Trigger Point is executive produced by Jed Mercurio and created and written by Daniel Brierley. The first season, consisting of six episodes, premiered on ITV in the UK on January 23, 2022, and is now available on BritBox for viewers eager to immerse themselves in this intense and gripping thriller.

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