Hollywood Con Queen Series Premiere, May 8, 2024 on Apple TV+

Hollywood Con Queen

Hollywood Con Queen‘ is a three-part documentary series premiering on Apple TV+ on Wednesday May 8 2024, that explores the shocking story of an international con artist who impersonated powerful women in Hollywood. The series examines the impact of this elaborate scam on its victims and the subsequent investigation that uncovered a global psychological game.

The Con Queen of Hollywood, later identified as Hargobind Tahilramani, posed as influential female executives in the entertainment industry, luring aspiring individuals with promises of career opportunities. Tahilramani, sometimes pretending to be a male assistant before transferring to the powerful woman he was impersonating, would convince victims to travel to Indonesia, where they would be financially exploited. The reimbursements that were promised never materialized, leaving victims with depleted finances.

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The scam was eventually exposed by veteran investigative journalist Scott Johnson of The Hollywood Reporter and private investigator Nicole Kotsianas. Their work, along with Johnson’s book on the scam, served as the basis for the Apple TV+ documentary. The series also features interviews with victims, including Eddie, an aspiring film industry trainer, and Heather, a makeup artist from London, who share their harrowing experiences.

In 2020, Tahilramani was arrested in the UK, where he was using the name “Gobind Tahil.” He was also building a career as an Instagram influencer and allegedly posing as an HBO or Netflix employee. In 2023, a UK judge ruled that he could be extradited to the US.

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‘Hollywood Con Queen’ is directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Chris Smith, known for his work on ‘Tiger King,’ ‘Fyre,’ and ‘Operation Varsity Blues.’ The series provides an in-depth look at the impact of the scam on its victims, the psychological manipulation involved, and the journey to uncover the truth behind the “Con Queen.”

Hollywood Con Queen Premieres on Wednesday May 8 on Apple TV+.

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