Home and Away: Episode 8246 (Channel 5, Monday 10 June 10, 2024)

Home and Away

In the latest episode of Home and Away which airs on Channel 5 on Monday, June 10, 2024, the morning after a night of passion between Xander and Dana takes an awkward turn. Dana, feeling mortified, hastily gathers her clothes and sneaks out, but her covert exit is observed by Irene and Harper, who suspect a romantic encounter.

Dana’s evasive behaviour toward Xander in the Diner confirms her sister’s suspicions about her whereabouts the previous night. Dana, feeling insecure, seeks Harper’s help in retrieving her phone from Xander’s place, but Harper refuses, believing Dana can handle the situation on her own. Dana confides in Irene about her insecurities, expressing her fears of getting hurt again by Xander.

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Meanwhile, Cash and Eden celebrate the incarceration of Stevie Marlow’s stalker, believing their worries are over. However, during a romantic walk, they are approached by Stevie, who makes a surprising request—she asks Cash to continue working as her personal security.

Cash is tempted by the offer but ultimately declines, prioritising Eden’s needs. Stevie accepts his decision but hints at a future reunion. In other developments, Felicity approaches Harper, concerned about Tane’s upcoming court date. Harper informs her that the court date is in five weeks, and Tane, initially resistant, eventually opens up to Felicity, sharing his fears about a potential lengthy prison sentence.

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With Dana and Xander’s history, will they be able to move past their insecurities and pursue a fresh start? How will Cash’s decision affect his relationship with Eden, and will Stevie’s persistence change his mind in the future? Additionally, Tane’s legal troubles weigh heavily on him, and his conversation with Felicity sheds light on his fears.

Home and Away: Episode 8246 airs on Monday, June 10, 2024, at 1:45 p.m. on Channel 5.

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