Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead Episode 3 (Channel 4, 21 May 2024)

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In the third episode of Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead, airing on Channel 4 on Tuesday 21 May, new evidence emerges that further complicates the mysterious case of Arthur Knight, the man accused of being fugitive Nicholas Rossi.

This edition focuses on the question of Arthur Knight’s identity, as fingerprint and dental evidence seemingly link him to Nicholas Rossi. The Scottish Court affirms that the two are, indeed, the same person. However, the episode also explores the role of Knight’s English wife, leaving the audience to wonder if she is a victim or a collaborator in any potential crimes.

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The episode features insights from Rossi’s ex-wife, Kathryn, who shares her experiences of their brief marriage, painting Rossi as a narcissist. Additionally, viewers will hear from Rossi’s stepfather, David Rossi, an Engelbert Humperdinck impersonator, who sheds light on Rossi’s turbulent early years.

Episode 3 continues to build suspense by presenting new pieces of evidence and testimonies that cloud the truth about Arthur Knight’s identity. Is he really Nicholas Rossi, or has there been a case of mistaken identity?

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Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead is a documentary series that began airing on May 20, 2024. It tells the story of a man who awoke from a COVID coma in a Glasgow hospital only to find himself accused of being a fugitive from justice. The series explores the question of his identity and whether he is an extraordinary criminal or a wronged innocent.

Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead: Episode 3 airs on Channel 4 on May 21, 2024, at 10:00 p.m.

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