Inside the Force: 24/7: Episode 10 (Channel 5, Monday 20 May 2024)

Channel 5

Inside the Force: 24/7 returns with a brand new episode on Channel 5. In this installment, the team looks into the issue of reoffenders and their impact on society, with an estimated annual cost of £18 billion.

In this episode, viewers will witness the realities of dealing with reoffenders through the eyes of the Middlesborough Police. PCs Phoebe Brough and John Walker are called to resolve a dispute between neighbours, with one individual allegedly playing loud music and causing a disturbance while under the influence. As the situation escalates, the suspect is arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Just a week later, PCs Connor Pearson and Johnny Whitwell are dispatched to the same address, this time responding to a 999 call about the same individual, who has allegedly become drunk and aggressive. The man is arrested on suspicion of common assault.

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The episode also features a tense encounter with a knife-wielding man, as Sergeants Laura Baker and Steven Bolsover pursue and detain a suspect with a long history in the criminal justice system. Additionally, PCs Tash Nicholls and Kern Smiles respond to a call about a smashed window, leading them to enter a residence through the broken window out of concern for the resident’s safety. They find the individual asleep and unharmed but highlight how antisocial behaviour can impact the community.

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Episode 10 of Inside the Force: 24/7 shines a light on the challenges faced by law enforcement in dealing with reoffenders and the cycle of crime, offering a glimpse into the daily realities of police work.

Inside the Force: 24/7 continues to provide a raw and unfiltered perspective on the workings of a busy police station, offering audiences an insightful and engaging look at the realities of modern policing.

Inside the Force: 24/7: Episode 10 airs on Channel 5 on Monday, 20 May 2024, at 10:00pm.

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