Inside Windsor Castle Series Premiere, 27 April 2024, Channel 5

Channel 5

In this premiere episode of Inside Windsor Castle, airing on Channel 5 on Saturday 27 April, we step behind the walls of the iconic royal residence, exploring its transformation from a defensive tower to the grand palace we know today. The episode looks into the history of the castle during the Tudor period, focusing on the reigns of Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth I.

Presenters Xand van Tulleken, JJ Chalmers, and Raksha Dave will guide us through this fascinating journey. van Tulleken, a doctor and television presenter, is known for his work on shows such as Operation Ouch! and How to Lose Weight Well. Chalmers, a Scottish television presenter and Invictus Games medallist, brings his own unique perspective as a former Royal Marine who suffered severe injuries in Afghanistan. Joining them is archaeologist and broadcaster Raksha Dave, who has worked on popular archaeology programmes such as Time Team and Digging for Britain.

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The episode will reveal the outrageous secrets of Henry VIII’s bedroom exploits, including his secret visits to Anne Boleyn. We’ll also learn about the intriguing role of the Groom of the Stool, who attended to the king’s toilet habits. Elizabeth I’s influence will be explored, including the modernising trends she brought to the castle.

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The presenters will also discuss the dining preferences of the royal family, contrasting King Charles’ simple meals with the extravagant feasts of Henry VIII, who is said to have consumed up to 40 dishes a day, including roasted peacock, swan, and beaver’s tails.

Inside Windsor Castle airs on Channel 5 on Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 7.50pm.

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