Instagram’s Worst Con Artist Part 2, 2 May 2024, ITV1


Instagram’s Worst Con Artist continues with its second episode, exploring the fallout from Belle Gibson’s exposure as a fraudster. The episode reveals the devastating impact of Gibson’s deceit on her followers and the media, as well as her attempts to defend herself and the subsequent unravelling of her lies.

The episode opens with Gibson facing intense scrutiny and backlash. Her successful wellness empire, built on the claim that she cured her terminal brain cancer through diet and alternative therapies, comes crashing down. Gibson’s app, book deal, and public image are all called into question.

The media plays a significant role in this episode, with investigative journalists Richard Guillatt and Chanelle McAuliffe sharing their experiences of uncovering Gibson’s fraud. McAuliffe, one of Gibson’s closest friends, grew suspicious of her illness when she recovered quickly from a seizure. This sparked further investigation, leading to the exposure of Gibson’s lies.

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Gibson attempts to defend herself in a televised interview, but her claims are quickly refuted. She admits that she may not have cancer, but the damage is already done. The public reacts with outrage, and Gibson becomes the target of intense criticism and ridicule.

The episode also explores the impact of Gibson’s actions on her personal life. Her brother, Nick Gibson, speaks out, expressing his disgust at his sister’s deception. He describes her as a “master manipulator” and believes she should face prison time for her actions. Gibson’s mother, Natalie Dal-Bello, also refutes some of Gibson’s claims about their family.

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As the episode progresses, Gibson’s life falls apart. She is fined for her fraudulent activities, but she fails to pay the fines, leading to raids on her home by the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria. Gibson attempts to reinvent herself, claiming to be adopted by an Ethiopian community in Melbourne, but this, too, falls apart as community members refute her claims.

The episode concludes with Gibson in hiding, having disappeared from social media and evading public scrutiny. Her whereabouts remain unknown, but the impact of her deceit continues to affect those she deceived.

Instagram’s Worst Con Artist airs on ITV1 at 9.00 pm on Thursday 2 May 2024.

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