Investigation Discovery Announces Deadly Influence: The Social Media Murders

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Investigation Discovery’s new series, “Deadly Influence: The Social Media Murders,” explores the disturbing intersection of social media and true crime. The six-episode series uncovers the insidious and dangerous reality of the digital world, revealing the toxic underbelly of online communities and their impact on real-life crimes.

Deadly Influence” shines a light on the shocking true crime stories involving influencers and their digital followers. It exposes the hidden dangers and devastating consequences of viral social media fame, showcasing the dark side of online influence. The series highlights a range of disturbing cases, from individuals seeking community who become entangled in toxic forums to popular social media personalities with secret lives.

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Each episode will tell the story of an individual whose life was drastically affected by their online presence. This includes the case of Ash, a self-styled Instagram “sex and fitness guru” whose glamorous lifestyle took a deadly turn after a public break-up with another influencer.

The series also focuses on Sania, a 28-year-old going through a divorce who gained a large following on TikTok for her honest videos, only to become a target for those wanting to silence her. Additionally, the story of Bianca, an anime-obsessed teenager turned mental health advocate, takes an unsettling turn as she receives violent threats from online harassers.

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Deadly Influence: The Social Media Murders” offers a thought-provoking and cautionary look at the dangers lurking within digital environments. It premieres on June 3, 2024, on Investigation Discovery, with streaming availability on Max. The series is produced by Talos Films, the creators of the Armie Hammer docuseries “House of Hammer.”

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