Jeopardy! Wednesday May 22, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Who Won Jeopardy!

The Wednesday May 22 episode of Jeopardy! saw three new contestants take the stage: Amar Kakirde, a graduate student from Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey; Ellen Klages, a writer from San Francisco, California; and Chris D’Amico, a verifications specialist from Lakewood, Ohio. Chris entered the game as a one-day champion, having won $25,100 during his previous appearance.

The first round presented a diverse range of categories, including “Puerto Ricans,” “The Drama of Television,” and “In the Weeds.” The contestants navigated through clues, with Chris taking an early lead of $5,800, followed by Ellen at $600 and Amar at $2,400, after the first break. However, by the end of the round, Chris maintained his lead with $6,800, while Ellen fell to a negative score of $-400 and Amar trailed closely behind with $4,800.

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The Double Jeopardy! round introduced new categories such as “It’s Already in the Form of a Question!” “Treaties,” and “Fictional Movie Sports Teams.” Amar seized the opportunity to overtake Chris on the first b, and successfully extended his lead. Despite Chris’ attempts to regain the lead on the third Daily Double, he missed the answer, allowing Amar to solidify his position. A ruling reversal during the final stretch before Final Jeopardy! further widened the gap, leaving Amar with a comfortable lead of $15,600, followed by Chris at $6,800 and Ellen at $2,000.

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The Final Jeopardy! category, “Countries’ Languages,” stumped all but Amar who gave the correct answer of What is Angola?, and added $1,000 to his score, securing his victory with a total of $16,600. Chris and Ellen finished with final scores of $4,800 and $1,930, respectively.

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