Kingpins: The Arms Dealer of Lebanon, May 27, 2024, Channel 4

Channel 4

In the second episode of Kingpins airing on Monday 27 May on Channel 4, viewers are taken on a gripping journey into the dark world of arms dealing in Lebanon. Ben Zand, the host, meets with a high-level arms dealer, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the life of a criminal kingpin.

Zand navigates through secretive locations, uncovering hidden gun stashes and luxurious homes. He provides a revealing look at the arms dealer’s life, from their involvement in the country’s political instability to the brutal reality of their criminal enterprise.

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This episode, titled “The Arms Dealer of Lebanon,” is the second installment of a three-part documentary series. It promises to be a tense and revealing insight into the world of criminal kingpins, as Zand challenges them on their actions and attempts to understand what could lead them to change their ways.

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There is a particularly intense moment as Zand finds himself in the middle of a live bank robbery, underlining the dangers inherent in this illegal trade.

Kingpins: The Arms Dealer of Lebanon airs Monday, May 27, 2024, at 11:50 PM on Channel 4.

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