The Great Chapel Dream Series Final (Channel, Monday 27 May, 2024)

Channel 4

In the series finale of The Great Chapel Dream, airing on Channel 4 on Monday 27 May, Keith Brymer Jones and his partner, Marj, continue their ambitious task of converting a 160-year-old abandoned chapel in Pwllheli into their dream home and pottery studio. With their entire savings invested in this project, the couple is determined to restore the chapel to its former glory and make it a vital part of the community once again.

As the chapel is still far from habitable, Keith and Marj come up with a creative solution to move in sooner rather than later. They decide to bring a shipping container into their car park and transform it into a comfortable bedroom, allowing them to sleep onsite and be closer to their ongoing project.

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This episode shows the couple’s dedication and innovative approach to making their vision a reality. With their unique idea of using a shipping container as temporary accommodation, Keith and Marj take a significant step toward their goal of making the chapel their forever home.

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The Great Chapel Dream fourth and finale episode airs on Monday, May 27, 2024, at 8.00 pm on Channel 4.

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