Lopez vs Lopez, April 16, 2024, NBC, “Lopez vs Raider Nation”

Lopez Vs Lopez

In the latest episode of Lopez vs Lopez, titled “Lopez vs Raider Nation,” George and Oscar’s sibling rivalry takes center stage once again, with a twist of football fever. George, committed to his Alcoholics Anonymous program, makes amends with everyone except his brother Oscar, creating tension between them.

Oscar, seeking a long-awaited apology from George, attends a football game, hoping to confront him there. However, a chance encounter with football star Marshawn Lynch derails his plans. Meanwhile, Mayan and Quentin attempt to ignite their cousin Rosie’s love life, but their good intentions end up causing more trouble than expected.

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The episode, the second of two airing on NBC on Tuesday April 16, promises to deliver a mix of humor and family dynamics, showcasing the unique relationship between the Lopez siblings and their extended family. It will be a treat for football fans, with the appearance of Marshawn Lynch adding a touch of celebrity glamour to the mix.

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Lopez vs Lopez airs on NBC at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

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