Marcus Wareing: Simply Provence: Episode 10 (BBC Two, Saturday 18 May 2024)

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence

In this tenth episode of Marcus Wareing: Simply Provence, the chef explores the cultural differences between the British and French approaches to classic dishes, with a particular focus on their mutual love for poisson. Airing on BBC Two on Saturday, 18 May 2024, the episode sees Marcus exploring the French passion for seafood and searching for a dish to rival the iconic British fish and chips.

Marcus begins his culinary journey in Carro, one of the last coastal villages in Provence, where he discovers the local seafood offerings. He meets with fishermen who sell their daily catch directly to customers on the quayside, providing a fresh and varied selection of fish and shellfish.

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From there, Marcus visits a local chef who presents a unique take on a potential French equivalent to fish and chips: moules frites. However, this dish comes with a twist, as the mussels are served with a rich tomato and pork ragu, and the “chips” are not made from potatoes. While delicious, it’s clear that this dish is not a classic in the traditional sense.

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Inspired by his findings, Marcus decides to create his own simplified version of Provence’s most famous fish dish, bouillabaisse. He employs a few culinary cheats to make the dish more accessible while retaining its distinctive flavour. To accompany his creation, Marcus prepares a roasted garlic aioli, a milder version of the strong, raw garlic aioli favoured in Provence. He is then invited to bring his aioli to a local aioli festival, where he’ll discover how his take on this traditional condiment is received by the locals.

Marcus Wareing: Simply Provence, Series 1 Episode 10 airs Saturday, 18 May 2024, on BBC Two.

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