Mud Madness, May 7, 2024, Discovery Channel, “Blood Is Thicker Than Mud”

Mud Madness

The extreme world of mud racing takes center stage once again in the latest episode of “Mud Madness,” airing on Discovery on Tuesday May 7, with Bryce Sparks, Randi, and Larry and Bobby at the heart of the action.

In “Blood Is Thicker Than Mud,” Bryce Sparks, a familiar face in the world of extreme mud racing, is back with a determination to defend his title against his nemesis, Josh. Sparks, known for his TikTok and Instagram presence, has been a part of the mud racing community for years, and his passion for the sport is evident. In this episode, he pushes his ATV to speeds of nearly 100 mph, showcasing his skills and determination.

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Meanwhile, Larry and Bobby, a dynamic duo in the mud racing circuit, enter a wild trail race, employing questionable tactics in their pursuit of that elusive first win. Their strategies may raise eyebrows, but their drive and competitive spirit are undeniable.

Randi, a seasoned racer, takes on Megan Rion and A.J. Robinson in the Bounty Hole races, adding another layer of excitement to the episode. Randi’s journey has been marked by a traumatic accident, which she has been working to overcome throughout the season. Her resilience and determination to get back on the track are inspiring.

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“Mud Madness” is an inside look at the unique subculture of mud racing, attracting a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life. With custom vehicle builds, challenging courses, and intense rivalries, the series captures the essence of this high-octane sport. The racers put everything on the line, fueled by their passion and the prospect of big money payouts.

Tune in to Mud Madness on the Discovery Channel at 9.01 pm on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, for an episode filled with thrilling races and dramatic rivalries.

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