Narrow Escapes: Season Finale (Channel 4, Airdate: Friday, 24 May 2024)

Narrow Boat

The vibrant community along the UK’s canal network takes centre stage in the season finale of Narrow Escapes, airing on Channel 4 on Friday 24 May. In this episode, Jack and Gabby embark on their maiden voyage with their new boat, only to surprise everyone with an announcement that alters their journey.

Ed invites friends aboard for a rooftop party, showcasing his culinary skills with a delicious spread. Meanwhile, Peter and Noni take their narrowboat, Barbarella, on a daring sea crossing.

As the episode unfolds, we witness the excitement of Jack and Gabby’s first cruise. Their plans, however, take an unexpected turn when they share news that leads them in a different direction. Ed, always one for hospitality, transforms his boat into a floating restaurant, treating his guests to a culinary experience.

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The true adventure of this episode lies with Peter and Noni. They navigate their narrowboat, Barbarella, across the sea, embracing the challenges and joys of offshore narrowboating. Their journey is a testament to the unique and adventurous lifestyle that the canal network offers.

This episode also includes a heartwarming initiative featuring children from a London hospice. They are given a memorable experience aboard the Pirate Castle’s accessible narrowboat.

Narrow Escapes Season Finale airs on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. on Channel 4.

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