Quarter Ton Teen, April 22, 2024, A&E, “Breia-Jenae”

Quarter Ton Teen

Quarter Ton Teen premieres on A&E on Monday April 22 with an episode focusing on Breia-Jenae, a teenager who struggles with severe obesity. Weighing over 600 pounds, Breia-Jenae is faced with the challenge of losing weight to pursue her dreams and secure a healthier future. The episode documents her journey towards achieving a better life, including her determination to overcome bullying and social isolation.

Breia-Jenae’s story is one of many featured in Quarter Ton Teen, a series that follows teenagers on a multi-year journey to fight for their health. These teens are aware of the uncertain future that lies ahead if they don’t lose weight, and many pursue weight-loss surgery as a potential solution. The show includes personal footage from the teens, providing an intimate perspective on their challenging journeys.

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The series does not shy away from the difficult realities faced by these individuals, including the social isolation and bullying that Breia-Jenae experiences due to her size. Despite these challenges, the teens in Quarter Ton Teen display remarkable determination and resilience in their pursuit of a healthier life.

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Quarter Ton Teen: Breia-Jenae New airs Monday, April 22, 2024, at 9:00 PM on A&E.

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