Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour: Rome (BBC Two, 26 May, 2024)


The dynamic duo, Rob and Rylan, reach the finale of their Grand Tour, arriving in the iconic city of Rome on BBC Two on Sunday 26 May. In true Rob fashion, he organises their entrance to be in an authentic horse-drawn carriage, unaware of Rylan’s allergy to horses. Rome holds a significant place in the Grand Tour tradition, especially for young British aristocrats, as it embodies the intersection of history, religion, and art.

In this episode, Rob introduces Rylan to the works of one of his favourite Baroque artists, Caravaggio. Rylan, captivated by the painting, feels empowered to explore and appreciate art independently. Intrigued by Caravaggio’s unique chiaroscuro technique, they decide to recreate the artist’s renowned painting of David and Goliath, embracing the play of light and shadow.

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Rylan embraces the fashion of the time, donning outlandish outfits with garish colours and tight trousers, a style known as ‘macaroni,’ which was often mocked back in 18th-century England. As their journey comes to an end, they follow in the footsteps of Byron to the tomb of Caecilia Metella, reflecting on their Grand Tour experiences.

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Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour takes audiences on a journey through history, art, and fashion, offering a unique perspective on the Grand Tour tradition. The series finale airs on BBC Two on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at 9:00 p.m., with Rob and Rylan navigating the charming and historic city of Rome.

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