Selena + Chef: Selena + José Andrés (Food Network, May 25, 2024)

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Selena Gomez returns to the kitchen in a brand new episode of Selena + Chef, this time welcoming chef, restaurateur, and humanitarian José Andrés as her guest. Together, they embark on a culinary journey to Spain, creating a vibrant and savory feast of Spanish tapas.

In this episode, airing on Food Network on Saturday May 25, Selena steps out of her comfort zone and embraces a new challenge as José encourages her to move away from strict recipes and instead, trust her instincts and imagination. They prepare a delightful array of five traditional Spanish dishes, each with its unique flavor and charm. The menu includes a refreshing gazpacho, a cold soup perfect for the upcoming summer months, and mejillones a la gallega, a Galician-style mussel dish that showcases the freshness of the sea.

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As they cook, Selena and José connect over their shared passion for food and its ability to bring people together. Selena gains confidence in her culinary skills, learning to trust her taste buds and make each dish her own.

Through this culinary collaboration, Selena discovers the joy of spontaneous cooking, where measurements and rules take a back seat to creativity and intuition.

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Selena + Chef: Selena + José Andrés airs Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 9:00 AM on the Food Network.

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