Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius Final Episode, 23 April 2024, ABC TV

Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius

The final episode of Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius airs on ABC TV on Tuesday 23 April, completing a three-part docu-drama series that explores the life and legacy of William Shakespeare, coinciding with the 400th anniversary of the publication of his First Folio.

The fallout of the Gunpowder Plot threatens to expose Shakespeare’s family as Catholics, traitors to the Crown. With his daughter implicated, Shakespeare responds by creating his most epic work yet, Macbeth, dedicated to the new monarch, King James I.

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As the series concludes, it reflects on Shakespeare’s successes and failures, his questions about family, forgiveness, and mortality, and the potential loss of his literary legacy forever.

Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius has offered an insightful journey into the world of one of the most renowned playwrights in history, revealing the influences and inspirations behind his timeless works.

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Shakespeare: Rise of a Genius airs on ABC TV at 9:30 pm on Tuesday, 23 April 2024, with all episodes available to stream on ABC iview.

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