Sherwood Series 2 First Look Pics from BBC

David Morrissey (Ian St Clair) wears a suit and walks along a coastal path holding a notebook and pen. Police tape cordons-off the overgrown area beside him.
David Morrissey (Ian St Clair)

The BBC has given us the first look at the highly anticipated second series of the critically acclaimed drama, Sherwood, created by James Graham and produced by House Productions. The first series, which aired in June 2022, was a ratings success, attracting 7.5 million viewers in the UK and becoming one of the country’s most-watched new dramas of that year.

Robert Lindsay (Franklin Warner) sits at a table in a conservatory. A green garden is visible out the glass walls of the room.
Robert Lindsay (Franklin Warner)

An impressive ensemble cast, including David Morrissey, Monica Dolan, David Harewood, and Lorraine Ashbourne, graces the new series. They will explore powerful themes of community and modern-day Britain, with the story set in the present day and delving into local gangs, old rivalries, revenge, and betrayal.

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Michael Balogun (Harry Summers) and David Harewood (Denis Bottomley) sit side-by-side outdoors with green shrubs nearby. Both look at something happening off-screen.
Michael Balogun (Harry Summers) and David Harewood (Denis Bottomley)

Nottingham, the show’s filming location, takes centre stage once more, with the narrative introducing two new families who become entangled with the Sparrows. Meanwhile, the newly appointed Sheriff of Nottingham passionately opposes a proposed new mine, bringing much-needed jobs but also unwelcome reminders of the area’s complex legacy.

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Monica Dolan (Ann Branson) sits at a dining table and looks at someone off-screen. Perry Fitzpatrick (Rory Sparrow) stands in the background.
Monica Dolan (Ann Branson) and Perry Fitzpatrick (Rory Sparrow)

Sherwood series two is directed by the acclaimed Clio Barnard (Ali & Ava, The Selfish Giant) and Tom George (This Country, See How They Run). James Graham writes all six episodes and serves as an executive producer.

The series promises to build on the success and critical acclaim of its predecessor, offering a compelling and resonant portrayal of contemporary Britain.

Image credits: BBC

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