Taskmaster, 9 May 2024, Channel 4, “Dream Date Territory”

Taskmaster Series 17 Cast

Taskmaster, the British comedy panel game show, continues to delight audiences with its seventeenth season on Channel 4. The unique format remains intact, with comedian and musician Alex Horne acting as creator and co-host, alongside Taskmaster Greg Davies.

In the upcoming seventh episode, titled “Dream Date Territory,” airing on Thursday 9 May, the contestants, including Sophie Willan, John Robins, and Joanne McNally, will tackle a variety of whimsical challenges. Willan’s bold vocalization of body parts leaves Horne flustered, while Robins showcases his formidable forearm strength and McNally undertakes the not as easy as she thinks task of acting out the word “beer.”

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This season of Taskmaster embraces a Victorian theme, with a great lineup of contestants: Joanne McNally, John Robins, Nick Mohammed, Sophie Willan, and Steve Pemberton. In recent episodes, they have confronted tasks involving roller blinds, a primate afloat, and the ever-versatile egg. The contestants have also showcased their creativity in hamper-making and even engaged in playful thumb wars with Horne.

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Taskmaster’s enduring appeal lies in its light-hearted nature, with Horne’s role as umpire and Davies’ witty judging and point allocation. Each episode crowns a winner with a collection of prizes, and the series champion takes home the ultimate trophy: a golden bust of the inimitable Greg Davies.

Taskmaster “Dream Date Territory”, will air on May 9, 2024, on Channel 4.

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