The Manny: LMN Thriller Premieres Thursday May 9, 2024

Lifetime Movie Network

Michael Evans Behling stars as a male nanny with a dark secret

Lifetime Movie Network presents the premiere of “The Manny” on May 9, 2024. Starring Michael Evans Behling and Joanne Jansen, the film takes a gripping twist on the nanny narrative.

In “The Manny,” busy social media influencer Lani makes what she believes is the perfect hire: a male nanny, Morgan, for her son, Jaylen. However, beneath Morgan’s charming exterior lies a dark and troubled past. As his attachment to Lani and her son intensifies, Morgan’s true colors emerge, revealing a disturbing obsession that threatens their lives.

The plot takes a chilling turn as Lani uncovers the truth: the real Morgan has been murdered, and the man caring for her son is an imposter with a sinister agenda. Morgan’s true identity is tied to a traumatic event from his childhood, where he witnessed the murder of his mother by her violent boyfriend. This experience has distorted his perception, leading him to believe that mothers should prioritize their children above everything—a belief that fuels his dangerous obsession.

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As Lani unravels the truth, she finds herself and her son in imminent danger. Morgan’s interference in their lives escalates, leading Lani to take desperate measures to safeguard her family.

“The Manny” taps into the timeless fear of a caregiver with hidden motives, a theme that LMN explored in its 2017 film “Nanny Nightmare.” These thrillers exploit our fundamental fears, showcasing the potential dangers that arise when strangers are invited into the heart of the family home.

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The Manny airs on Thursday May 9, 2024 at 8.00pm on Lifetime Movie Network.

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