The Price is Right Recap Thursday April 25, 2024

The Price is Right

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, “The Price is Right” aired an exciting episode with host John Flynn and four enthusiastic contestants: Jakari Pete, Julio Garcia, Denise Silva, and the eventual winner, Amy Hummel. Denise, who had patiently waited in the audience for three days, was determined to make the most of her opportunity during the Showcase Showdown.

The first item up for bids was a singing machine and party tyme karaoke package, which Denise accurately guessed, earning her the chance to play for a Volkswagen Jetta Sport. In the Showcase, Denise showcased her strategy and enthusiasm, choosing the “CAR” option, which almost brought her perfection.

The episode featured a variety of interesting items for bids, including packing cubes, stoneware mugs, a sustainable mango wood salad bowl, and a craft table. Jakari of Beaumont, CA, played for a Golden West billiards table and a Samsung French-door refrigerator, while John Flynn won a Zinus bedroom set, a wellness package, and a 65″ 4K HDTV.

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The episode also included the popular “Bonkers” game, where John had to decide whether to risk his winnings for a chance to win even more prizes. He chose to play it safe and opted out of the game, securing his winnings.

The episode’s highlights included the audience participation in the “Spin a Win” game and the introduction of teacher Karen Kenney, who won a VoP machine and had the chance to take home a Tentris Treehaus trailer and sleeping bags. The episode also featured a diverse range of prizes, from a Grilla Grills chimp portable wood pellet grill package to a Leica LUMIX point-and-shoot digital camera and an OWX Atlas PXR package.

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The episode concluded with the Showcase Showdowns, where contestants bid on trips and vehicles. John’s showcase included a trip to a resort in Los Cabos, e-bikes, and a CX-30 vehicle, while Jerome’s showcase featured a trip to Bali, a Camry, and a $35,000 bid that resulted in a Catch-22 situation.

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