The Price is Right Recap, Wednesday April 24, 2024,

The Price is Right

The Price is Right episode on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, delivered excitement and suspense as a new group of contestants vied for the chance to win big. The first four contestants to step up were Anna McInnes, Tracy Cureton, Juan Renninger, and Tina Cocio, all hoping to kickstart their journey towards lucrative prizes.

The episode began with the 1 Right Price game, where Tina showcased her pricing skills by correctly identifying a bar’s price, earning a spot in the Golden Road showcase. This was followed by Lula Moorehouse Smith’s turn in Pick-a-Pair, where she unfortunately couldn’t find a matching pair, but still managed to secure the first SCSD win.

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The stage then welcomed Victor Roy, who faced a challenging Line ’em Up game, resulting in a loss and a car wipeout. Robin Sasser entered next for the Balance Game, but it was Juan who stole the spotlight with his consecutive $1 bids, building anticipation for the final rounds.

Anna took on the Balance Game, falling short with an underbalanced scale. Melia Walton and Robin Sasser rounded out the contestant introductions, with Robin advancing to the Hot Seat and opting to bail with $5,000, a decision that left her just short of doubling her winnings. Juan advanced to the Final Four, and Victor secured the second SCSD win, banking an impressive $26,000.

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In the Showcase, Victor continued his winning streak, taking home the high showcase with a total value of $62,481. The episode concluded with a total of one game won and one partial win, resulting in a final total of $83,197 or more in prizes.

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