The Travel Show: Normandy – The Tapestry of Time (BBC News, Saturday 8 June 2024)

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The Travel Show returns with a new episode on BBC News, exploring the rich culture and history of Normandy in Northern France. In this installment, former Paralympian Steve Brown embarks on a journey to uncover the region’s diverse attractions and the legacy of significant historical figures.

Steve Brown, a former Paralympian, takes viewers on a journey through Normandy in Northern France, uncovering a tapestry of history and culture. He explores the enduring legacy of William the Conqueror, whose impact is still felt nearly a thousand years after his reign.

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Additionally, Steve investigates the scars left by World War II and their impact on the region. The episode also looks into the inspiration behind the works of renowned artist Claude Monet, drawing connections between his art and the stunning Normandy coastline and its ever-changing weather conditions.

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This episode of The Travel Show offers a comprehensive exploration of Normandy, providing insights into its historical, artistic, and natural significance.

The Travel Show: Normandy: The Tapestry of Time airs on Saturday, 8 June 2024, at 12:30 am on BBC News.

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