The Twelve Episode 5, 18 April 2024, ITV1

ITVX's The Twelve - Sam Neill Talks

The Twelve returns with its fifth episode, continuing the gripping courtroom drama centred on a controversial murder trial. Airing on ITV1 on Thursday, 18 April, the episode promises to delve deeper into the complex lives of the jurors and the intense courtroom proceedings.

In this instalment, Claire’s father takes the stand, as the defence paints Kate, the accused, as a sexual predator who groomed her niece, Claire, before her murder. The episode also reveals that Nathan, Claire’s father, had a false online persona and posed as a young girl, potentially monitoring Claire’s social media activity.

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Colby, one of the jurors, throws suspicion back onto Nathan, raising questions about his true intentions and the extent of his involvement in the case. As the trial progresses, the jurors are faced with challenging evidence and must grapple with their own biases and personal traumas.

With each episode, The Twelve explores the complexities of the legal system and how the lives and histories of the jurors intersect with the trial. The series, based on the Belgian show of the same name and starring Sam Neill, offers a unique perspective on the fragile nature of justice and the flawed ways in which society attempts to determine guilt or innocence.

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The Twelve airs on ITV1 at 9.00 pm on Thursday, 18 April 2024.

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