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The Woman Who Fell To Earth Set for Channel 4



Channel 4

Victoria Cilliers, a woman who had recently given birth to her second child, experienced a shocking event that would force her to question everything she knew about her relationship. While pursuing her favorite hobby of skydiving, Victoria jumped from a plane at 3000ft only to find that her parachute did not open. She desperately tried the reserve chute, but it also failed. Miraculously, she survived the fall.

This compelling true crime series, produced by Story Films and commissioned by Channel 4, delves into the investigation surrounding Emile Cilliers, Victoria’s husband and a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army. Emile was accused of attempting to murder his wife in an intricately planned manner.

The series combines documentary testimony with verbatim drama scenes and breaks the fourth wall to provide viewers with an immersive experience as they uncover Emile’s insidious crimes. The investigation began when detectives DC Maddy Hennah and DI Paul Franklin started unraveling Emile’s life over a span of two years, uncovering affairs, debts, sex clubs, escorts, and his murderous intent.

Despite their extensive efforts, there was no direct evidence linking Emile to the crime – it was purely circumstantial. However, the detectives compiled a vast collection of audio recordings, visual materials, and written evidence that painted a compelling picture of Emile as a sociopathic narcissist who manipulated everyone in his life.


As the court case unfolded, Emile’s controlling behavior became evident when Victoria turned against the police to support him. Filmmaker Guy King expertly weaves together archive footage with verbatim drama scenes featuring talented actors like MyAnna Buring while incorporating exclusive interviews with Victoria and the investigating officers. This unique approach blurs fact and fiction to expose the extent of Emile’s manipulation before revealing the truth.

The result is an inventive and gripping series that takes viewers through every twist of the police investigation while shedding light on the damaging effects of coercive control. By giving voice to the women who experienced Emile’s manipulation firsthand, as well as the female detective leading the case, the series highlights the importance of addressing abusive relationships and educates viewers on their complexities.

Alisa Pomeroy, Head of Documentaries at Channel 4, recognizes the significance of this story: “This is a spell-binding story that captured and shocked the nation… The mix of true-crime and drama-documentary, along with exclusive access to the investigating officers, will shed light on the complexities of abusive and coercive relationships.”



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