The Young and the Restless, Friday April 19, 2024, CBS

The Young and the Restless

On Friday’s episode of ‘The Young and the Restless,’ Adam opens up to Sharon about Connor’s trauma, questioning his own existence. Sharon encourages Adam to trust the specialists’ advice. Summer wakes up from a disturbing nightmare about Harrison, while at the Abbott mansion. Jack suggests increasing the ransom money to help facilitate Victor’s deal with Jordan, but Michael admits they haven’t traced Claire’s phone.

Victor assures Michael that they will set a trap to ensure Jordan can’t harm the Newman or Abbott families again. Kyle updates Summer on Jordan’s demands, but she remains worried about Claire’s safety. Summer suggests offering herself as a hostage, but Kyle rejects the idea. Chance provides comfort to Summer, and she decides to seek input from him at the ranch.

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Meanwhile, Victor, Jack, Kyle, and Michael discuss their next steps, with Victor suggesting luring Jordan away from her captives. Jack suspects Claire might be an accomplice, but Victor believes there could be other partners involved. Nikki, determined to support Victoria, takes a swig from her flask before heading into the tack house, feeling responsible for the situation.

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Nikki plans to use herself as bait, regardless of Victor’s previous objections. Stay tuned to see the outcome of these intense storylines!

The Young and the Restless airs Friday April 19, 2024 at 12.30pm on CBS.

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