Timber Titans, April 7, 2024, The Weather Channel, “Pulling the Last Turn”

Timber Titans

In this episode of Timber Titans, airing on The Weather Channel, on Sunday April 7, viewers will witness the Integrated single stem crew facing challenging weather conditions as they race to finish their project. The episode, titled “Pulling the Last Turn,” takes place in the rugged wilderness of British Columbia, where the team battles strong winds and fog that threaten to delay their progress.

The Integrated Operations team, led by Danny McBride, is in a race against time as they strive to complete their project before the snow flies. They must navigate through steep terrain and tall trees, all while dealing with the unpredictable elements.

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Meanwhile, the Peters Contract Logging crew encounters a major mechanical issue that could jeopardise their plans to finish their block before the end of the season. The pressure is on as they work to resolve the problem and beat the clock.

The episode will showcase the team’s resilience and determination as they tackle the challenges of logging in the wild. With their season coming to a close, the crew must push through the obstacles and make a final push to meet their goals.

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Timber Titans: Pulling the Last Turn airs on The Weather Channel at an unspecified time on Sunday, 7 April 2024.

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