Timothy Spall Heads to ‘Death Valley’ for New BBC Comedy-Drama

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The BBC has announced that veteran actor Timothy Spall will lead a new comedy-drama series, ‘Death Valley.

‘Death Valley’ centres on the character of John Chapel, an eccentric retired actor with a penchant for playing eccentric detectives on screen. Spall’s Chapel finds himself drawn out of his quiet life when his neighbour is murdered, and he forms an unlikely partnership with a Welsh detective sergeant, Janie Mallowan, played by Gwyneth Keyworth.

Keyworth, a rising star in her own right with notable appearances in ‘Game of Thrones‘ and ‘The End of the F***ing World‘, brings a sharp and spirited presence to the duo’s dynamic. Their contrasting personalities and approaches to crime-solving form the heart of the series, as they navigate a “case of the week” format, arguing, reconciling, and getting into each other’s personal lives in the tradition of classic odd-couple pairings.

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Speaking on his involvement, Spall expressed his enthusiasm for the project, praising his co-star and the creative team, and describing the series as “a unique comedy drama“. He also teased the development of the unusual relationship between the two lead characters, whose eccentric skills and oddball dynamic will provide both humour and surprising success in their investigations.

The BBC’s Director of Comedy, Jon Petrie, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the series’ blend of comedy and drama and expressing confidence in the potential for a “BBC Comedy classic“.

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‘Death Valley’ will consist of six 45-minute episodes and filming is set to commence in Wales next month.

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