Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast in Limbo as Show Renewed for Season 21

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The future of the long running comedy improv show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” is shrouded in uncertainty as The CW confirms a 21st season, but remains tight-lipped about the original cast’s involvement.

The show has endured a lengthy run, first airing in 1998 before being revived by The CW a decade and a half later in 2013. Now, with the announcement of its latest renewal, questions are arising as to whether the familiar faces that have long entertained audiences will be returning to continue doing so.

In November 2022, concerns emerged when Colin Mochrie, an original cast member, took to Twitter to announce that they would be filming their final season in January 2023. This sparked a debate about fair compensation for the cast, who, despite being responsible for the show’s content, were allegedly not receiving proper credit or payment for their writing contributions. Mochrie highlighted that the cast did not earn residuals from the show’s international success and syndication, an issue that had become a growing source of discontent.

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The CW initially refuted Mochrie’s claims, stating that no decision had been made about the show’s future. However, Mochrie maintained his position, explaining that while the network had not formally cancelled the series, the cast and producers considered season 20 to be their swan song. He left the door open for the show’s potential return but suggested it would likely feature a different ensemble.

Despite this, The CW has now confirmed that “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” will indeed be returning for a 21st season, set to air in fall 2024. Notably, the network has been less forthcoming about the cast for this new season, neither affirming nor denying the continued presence of the original lineup. The absence of updates to the show’s ticketing page since January 2023 further suggests that changes could be afoot.

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For devoted fans of the show, the confirmation of season 21 is undoubtedly welcome news. Yet, it does little to quell the underlying concern regarding the original cast’s fate. The CW’s reticence on the matter, coupled with Mochrie’s statements and the lack of recent updates, indicate that a new troupe of performers may be poised to take the stage for the show’s next chapter. As audiences await further revelations, the question remains: whose line is it anyway?

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