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500 Bus Stops (BBC Two 1997, Graham Fellows)



500 Bus Stops BBC Two 1997 Graham Fellows

In four part “mockumentary” 500 Bus Stops woeful Yamaha Keyboard playing ‘entertainer’ John Shuttleworth embarks on a tour of ‘Significant Venues throughout the UK’. He is accompanied by his only heard but not seen agent Ken.

Graham Fellows had been appearing in character as John Shuttleworth since 1986. A mild mannered and softly spoken Yorkshireman, Shuttleworth liked to write songs and play them on his keyboard. Fellows is also well known for his late 1970’s one hit wonder Jilted John aka Gordon is a Moron.

Fellows also provided the voice of the unseen Ken.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 4×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 June – 15 July 1997 Tuesdays at 11.15pm

Writer: Graham Fellows / Additional Material: Willy Smax, Martin Willis, Will Yapp / Executive Producer: Peter Symes / Director: Willy Smax

Graham Fellows as John Shuttleworth