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A Class Of His Own (BBC Drama, Tim Roth, Graham Crowden)



In one off drama A Class Of His Own, written by Doug Lucie, English teacher Jim Durban (George Irving) is worried that Grammar School is not providing the right environment for troubled teen Phil Tyler (Tim Roth).

Classic quote: “This seems to me less of a genuine concern for Phil than a lynching party.”

Cast: Graham Crowden (Headmaster), George Irving (Jim Durban), Hugh Fraser (Chaplain), Tim Roth (Phil Tyler), Roger Booth (Reg Parker), Tony Caunter (Arthur Tyler), Gillian Raine (Stella Tyler), Eileen Helsby (Mrs Parr), Julia McCarthy (Doris Lynn), Richard Austin (Giles), James Newall (Madden).

Writer: Doug Lucie / Producer: Terry Coles / Director: Jeremy Ancock

UK / BBC Two / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 13 June 1984