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A List, The (BBC-3 2018)



Dark secrets, friendship, romance and betrayal are at the heart of BBC drama The A List. Set in what appears to be an idyllic summer camp, dark secrets will turn the holiday of a lifetime into a twisted nightmare.

In episode one, Mia arrives on Peregrine Island expecting to take her usual place as Queen Bee of the camp. She’s picked out her bunk, her new BFF in loveable if slightly ditzy Kayleigh and her summer fling in the handsome Dev, before the first icebreaker game.

She’s all set up to have the summer of a lifetime. But then mysterious latecomer Amber arrives and things start to turn. A friendly game of Capture the Flag ends in Mia being set up. Her plan for a secret midnight picnic is hijacked. Kayleigh starts acting strangely and suddenly declares her allegiance to Amber.

Mia knows that Amber is behind all of this but no one will believe her and so she confronts Amber head on, and that’s when Amber’s idyllic façade fades. She taunts Mia and tells her she’ll never win because she’ll never go as far as Amber will. And with that, Amber jumps off a cliff in front of her. Mia runs back to camp screaming for someone to help Amber when Amber appears, unharmed, as if she’d been at camp the whole time.


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UK | BBC Three | 13×30 minutes | Broadcast from Thursday 25 October 2018