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A Little Bit Of Wisdom (ITV Sitcom, Norman Wisdom)



A Little Bit Of Wisdom ITV Sitcom Norman Wisdom

Comedy series A Little Bit of Wisdom starring Norman Wisdom was for it’s first two seasons an anthology of individual comedies. In it’s third and final season the format changed to that of traditional sitcom with Norman as a bumbling clerk in a builders office run by Albert Clark (Robert Clark).

Guest stars in the anthology part of the series were quite high profile and included Lynda Bellingham, Windsor Davies, Jenny Lee-Wright, Stephen Greif, Patsy Rowlands, Henry McGee, Judy Buxton, Jim Gascoine, Sam Kidd, Roy Kinnear and wrestler Jackie Pallo (of course Norman got into a spot of bother and found himself having to take on Pallo in the ring – completely with commentary from Kent Walton). Writers included Lew Schwartz, Dick Sharples, John Kane and Ronnie Taylor.

Speaking in the TV Times of the week of the shows premiere episode (6 April 1974) Norman spoke about his decision to have a studio audience or laugh track for this show having convinced himself that the failure of his last series Nobody Is Norman Wisdom was completely down to a lack of studio audience. He also said that this new series would be more in the vein of traditional Norman Wisdom.

Cast: Norman Wisdom as Norman; Robert Keegan as Albert Clark (Season 3); Frances White as Linda Clark (Season 3); Neil McCarthy as Alec Potter (Season 3)

Producers: John Scholz-Conway (Seasons 1 and 2) and Les Chatfield (Season 3) / Theme Music: John Montgomery (Season 2) and Tony Hiller (Season 3)

UK / ITV – ATV / 20x30m-e / 9 April 1974 – 11 May 1976