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A Many Splintered Thing (BBC Sitcom, Alan Davies)



A Many Splintered Thing BBC Sitcom, Alan Davies

In sitcom A Many Splintered Thing, married jingle writer Russel Boyd (Alan Davies) is having an affair with the much younger Elly (Kate Ashfield). Russel is filled with guilt over his affair but is basically obsessed with Elly. Luis (Vic McGuire) was Russel’s best friend and Alistair Cranwell (Paul Trussell) was his dodgy agent.

There was a pilot in 1998 before the show proper. Kate Isitt played Susanna in the pilot.

Cast: ALAN DAVIES as Russel Boyd; SIMONE BENDIX as Susanna Boyd; KATE ASHFIELD as Elly Rawstorne; VICTOR McGUIRE as Luis Banks; PAUL TRUSSELL as Alistair Cranwell; JOSIE LAWRENCE as Camilla; PATRICK ROBINSON as Piers

Writer: Geoff Deane / Script Editor: Philip Palmer / Design: Bill Crutcher / Camera: Simon Kossoff / Executive Producers: John McHugh, Geoff Deane / Producers: Kenton Allen (pilot), Mia Jupp (series) / Directors: Paul Harrison (pilot), Sandy Johnson (series)

UK / BBC One – Lucky Dog – Chrysalis / 7×30 minutes / 1998 and 2000 Pilot: 25 Dec Season One: 27 June – 1 August Tuesdays 10.20pm