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Adventures Of Brigadier Wellington-Bull, The (BBC 1959, Alexander Gauge, Valerie Singleton)



Sitcom The Adventures of Brigadier Wellington Bull detailed the efforts of a newly retired Brigadier as he tried to adjust to civilian life.

Across the course of the episodes Wellington-Bull got involved with jewel thieves, beautiful film stars and Soho restauranteurs.

Besides Alexander Gauge the main cast featured Donald Hewlett as a former soldier Wellington-Bull had under his command and future Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton as his daughter.

The series was given a prestigious Radio Times cover for it’s premiere episode. In a small feature in the same Radio Times series creator Austin Melford explained the motivations of his hero saying that every large family had a Brigadier Garnet Wellington-Bull in it. A blunderer who is convinced he is always right. Always had advice to offer and always waded into any situation without thinking through the consequences.

Melford also said that the military background of series star Alexander Gauge has been a major plus in the writing of the episodes, suggesting that he had Gauge in the mind for the role from the get-go.

Theme music was by Trevor H. Stanford who usually performed under the stage name Russ Conway.

production details
UK / BBC / 5×30 minute episodes / Friday 12 June – Friday 17 July 1959

Writer: Austin Melford / Producer: Ronald Marsh

ALEXANDER GAUGE as Brigadier Garnett Wellington-Bull
VALERIE SINGLETON as Jane Wellington-Bull
DONALD HEWLETT as Capt ‘Snooty’ Pilkington