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All Gas and Gaiters (BBC-1 1966-1971 Derek Nimmo, William Mervyn)



Fun and games in the cloisters of a cathedral. Gently poking fun at the clergy (one of the first comedies to do so), All Gas and Gaiters centred on the farcical team at St Ogg’s Cathedral – namely its bishop, archdeacon and, particularly, its bumbling, ultra-sincere, plummy chaplain, Revd Mervyn Noote.

Their adversary was the rather sober Dean. Nimmo later took his dithery clerical creation on to Oh Brother and its sequel, Oh Father, playing Brother/Father Dominic.

All Gas and Gaiters began life as a COMEDY PLAYHOUSE presentation in 1966, with the subsequent five series scripted by husband and wife writers Edwin Apps and Pauline Devaney. The series ended in 1971.

All Gas and Gaiters was also broadcast on BBC Radio from 1971 to 1972.

production details
UK | BBC One | 30 minutes | 1966

Writers: Edwin Apps, Pauline Devaney
Producers: Stuart Allen, John Howard Davies

William Mervyn
Derek Nimmo
Ernest Clark
Robertson Hare
John Barron
Joan Sanderson