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Ben Jerrod (NBC 1963, Michael P. Ryan, Addison Richards)



Ben Jerrod

Attorney Ben Jerrod found himself only 13 weeks of overheated conflicts in this failed melodrama. After he teamed up with ex-judge John Abbott in a law practice in the town of Indian Hill, Rhode Island, they were retained by Janet Donelli, charged with murdering her husband.

Janet had some strikes against her, notably affairs with Jim O’Hara and married pharmacist Pete Morrison, the latter of whom died in her home on April 22. D.A. Joplin and Lt. Choates were sure Donelli killed Morrison, but Jerrod and crew thought O’Hara seemed a likely suspect, and even Abbotts daughter Agnes searched for clues about the murder as the trial began on June 17. Most viewers could have cared less about the whole mess.

Ben Jerrod’s practice closed shop quickly due to drawing lower ratings than the program it replaced – The Merv Griffin Show.

Michael M. Ryan as Ben Jerrod
Addison Richards as John P. Abbott
Jeanne Baird as Agnes Abbott
Lyle Talbot as Lieutenant Choates
Regina Gleason as Janet Donelli
John Napier as D.A. Dan Joplin
Ken Scott as Jim O’Hara
Peter Hansen as Pete Morrison
Martine Bartlett as Lil Morrison

production details
Country: USA
Network: NBC
Duration: 13×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1 April – 28 June 1963