Bernard’s Watch (ITV 1997-2005, David Peachey, Martin Neil)

This is the tale of a boy with no time to lose – and plenty of time to gain.

Young Bernard, played by David Peachy, stops one day on his way to school to help a woman. As a reward for his good deed, he is given an old-fashioned fob watch. He discovers that this is no ordinary watch – it can actually make time stand still.

Late for school, he is able to use the watch to ‘freeze’ time around him so that he can slip into school on time with none of the staff any the wiser, before ‘unfreezing’ time again.

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And there are many other ways in which controlling time can be useful, as Bernard is to discover…

production details
UK | ITV | x20 minutes | Broadcast 14 November 1997 to 31 March 2005

Creators: Andrew Norris, Richard Fegan

DAVID PEACHEY as Bernard Beasley
MARTIN NEIL as Mr Beasley
RUTH HUDSON as Mrs Beasley
LISA GODDARD as Narrator

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