Cannon (CBS 1971-1976, William Conrad)

Don’t mess with Frank Cannon, the heavyweight Los Angeles Lincoln Continental driving Private Detective who likes catching bad guys as much as he likes a good steak.

Unusually for the time Frank works by himself and given the fact that he is rather on the large side often finds himself in trouble when it comes to legwork. Cannon was a former cop who had left the force following the death of his wife and child but still did what he knew best which was solving crimes. Hard boiled and with a great central performance from William Conrad – the actor famously played the role of Marshall Matt Dillon in the radio version of Gunsmoke but was passed over in favour of the decidedly slimmer James Arness for the TV Version.

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Frank Cannon drives the mean streets of LA in his Lincoln Coupe with the 8 foot long bonnet,

Cannon was the first Quinn Martin-produced series to be aired on a network other than ABC. A ‘revival’ TV Movie, The Return of Frank Cannon, aired on November 1, 1980. In total, there were 124 episodes.

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production details
USA | CBS – Quinn Martin | 124 episodes | 1971-76

Creator and Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Producers: Alan A. Armer, Harold Gast, Anthony Spinner

WILLIAM CONRAD as Frank Cannon

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