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Captain Moonlight – Man Of Mystery (BBC, Jeremy White)



Captain Moonlight - Man Of Mystery BBC Adventure, Jeremy White

In BBC children’s comedy adventures series Captain Moonlight – Man Of Mystery mild mannered Tony (Jeremy White) plays the lead role in popular radio series Captain Moonlight. Despite being something of a coward he finds himself caught up in various battles against the bad guys.

When the second season began in 1960, the comedy elements had been toned down and Captain Moonlight was now played by a different actor called Stephen Sycamore (Bernard Horsfall).

An actor who plays an adventure hero on the radio finds himself involved in real life adventures.

Cast: JEREMY WHITE as Capt Moonlight – Tony (1958); BERNARD HORSFALL as Capt Moonlight – Stephen Sycamore (1960); LORRAINE PETERS as Alice; LEONARD JEFFREY as Jimmy Bell; DONALD MASTERS as Ken; Terry Baker as Les;

Writer and Producer: Kevin Sheldon

UK / BBC / 12×30 minute episodes / 1958 & 1960 Season 1: 22 March – 26 April 1958 and Season 2: 12 March – 16 April 1960