Century (BBC-2 1993, Clive Owen, Miranda Richardson)

As the 19th century gives way to the 20th, a young Jewish doctor must challenge the status quo. Paul Reisner (Clive Owen) feels the sting of anti-Semitism during his medical school years. This prejudice makes the acceptance of Dr. Mandry (Charles Dance), head of a London research institute, that much more welcome.

Dr. Mandry is kind and readily hires ‘unwanteds’: Jews, women and one black man. But when Paul discovers that Dr. Mandry’s work crosses the line into eugenics–controlling the breeding of those he believes are inferior–Paul must stop the doctor before it’s too late. Miranda Richardson stars as Clara, Paul’s love interest.

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Stephen Poliakoff had already worked with several of his stars when he directed Century. Clive Owen (here playing Paul) appeared in Poliakoff’s Close My Eyes (1991) and Charles Dance (here playing Dr. Mandry) starred in Hidden City (1988).

production details
UK | BBC Two | 112 minutes | 1993
Writer and Director: Stephen Poliakoff

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Anna Chancellor as Woman in Police Station
Joan Hickson as Mrs. Whitweather
Bruce Alexander as Interrogator
Fiona Walker as Mrs. Pritchard
Charles Dance as Professor Mandry
Clive Owen as Paul Reisner
Miranda Richardson as Clara
Robert Stephens as Mr. Reisner
Lena Headey as Miriam
Neil Stuke as Felix
Liza Walker as Katie
Joseph Bennett as Edwin
Carlton Chance as James
Graham Loughridge as Theo
Lex Daniel as Thomas (as Alexis Daniel)
Ian Shaw as Meredith
Mark Strong as Policeman

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