Chicago Hope (CBS 1994-2000, Mandy Patinkin, Mark Harmon)

Chicago Hope revolves around the human heroes practicing cutting-edge medicine at high-pressure Chicago Hope Hospital. Dr. Kathryn Austin is a cardiothoracic surgeon whose brilliance is equaled only by her zeal to reform hospital policy.

Dr. Aaron Shutt, a troubled yet caring man, is the hospital’s chief neurosurgeon. Billy Kronk, a hot-tempered, hockey-playing surgeon, is always ready to throw a punch, on or off the ice. Dr. Daniel Nyland is struggling to be as good a doctor as his colleagues. Dr. Dennis Hancock is a dedicated physician from a clinic on Chicago’s South Side.

Dr. Diane Grad adheres to the strict guidelines of her medical research but is not beyond understanding the human side of medical care. Chicago Hope’s chief of staff, Dr. Phillip Watters, with his calm exterior, is tested daily by hospital politics and his staff’s rebelliousness, as he tries to hold Chicago Hope together and focus on the job of healing.

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Chicago Hope is an American medical drama television series, created by David E. Kelley. It ran on CBS from September 18, 1994, to May 4, 2000. The series is set in a fictional private charity hospital in Chicago, Illinois. The show is set to return in the fall of 2013 on TVGN in reruns.

production details
USA | CBS – TCF – David E. Kelley Productions | x50 minutes | Broadcast 18 September 1994 – 4 May 2000

Creator: David E. Kelley
Executive Producer: John Tinker
Theme Music: Mark Isham

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Jayne Brook as Dr. Diane Grad
Christine Lahti as Dr. Kathryn Austin
Mandy Patinkin as Dr. Jeffrey Geiger
Adam Arkin as Dr. Aaron Shutt
Mark Harmon as Dr. Jack McNeil
Héctor Elizondo as Dr. Phillip Watters
Peter Berg as Dr. Billy Kronk
Rocky Carroll as Dr. Keith Wilkes
Jamey Sheridan as Dr. John Sutton
Lauren Holly as Dr. Jeremy Hanlon
Roma Maffia as Angela Giandamenicio
Stacy Edwards as Dr. Lisa Catera
E.G. Marshall as Dr. Arthur Thurmond

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