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Comedy Playhouse: Elementary My Dear Watson (BBC-1 1973, John Cleese, Willie Rushton)



Comedy Elementary My Dear Watson was a send up of the Sherlock Holmes oeuvre set in the modern day but with Sherlock and Watson dressed in full Victorian regalia and acting to Victorian type and even riding a Hansom Cab down a busy car filled street.

Blessed with a fabulous cast (there was even time for a cameo from the cast of game show Call My Bluff) the one off had the working title of The Strange Case of the Dead Solicitors.

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 18 January 1974 @ 8.00pm

Writer:N.F. Simpson / Production Design: Raymond Cusick / Producer: Barry Took / Director: Harold Snoad

John Cleese as Sherlock Holmes
William Rushton as Doctor Watson
Josephine Tewson as Lady Cynthia
Norman Bird as Inspector Street
Chic Murray as Constable
Bill Maynard as Frank Potter
Larry Martyn as Fu Manchu
Michael Gover as Superintendent Truscott
Michael Knowles as Rupert
Helen Lambert as Secretary
Rosemary Lord as Mabel
Ivor Salter as Airport Loader
Gordon Faith as Security Man
Colin Bean as Newsboy
Rose Hill as The Lady
John Wells as Prime Minister
Frank Muir
Dawn Addams
Alan Coren
Patrick Campbell
Morag Hood
John Carson
Robert Robinson