Coupling (BBC-2 2000-2004, Sarah Alexander, Richard Coyle)

Sitcom Coupling followed six singles making their way through the big-city dating scene. Jane and Steve were a couple, but they broke up and Steve started dating Susan, who used to date Steve’s good friend Patrick. Susan’s best friend is Sally, who then becomes attracted to Patrick after finding out that he was ‘born very lucky.’

The oddballs out are the wacky Jane, who Steve found so hard to break up with that she was deemed an ‘unflushable,’ and Jeff, an innocent, sweet kinda guy who’s not had much experience with ladies (and is – to be honest – terrified of them), but still has plenty to say on relationships and women.

Through these six characters writer Steven Moffat gives a bold, frank, hysterical look at modern relationships from both the male and female perspective.

production details
UK | BBC Two | 30 minutes | Broadcast 12 May 2000 – 14 June 2004

Writer: Steven Moffat
Producer: Sue Vertue
Director: Martin Dennis

Jack Davenport as Steve Taylor
Ben Miles as Patrik Bateman
Gina Bellman as Jane Christie
Kate Isitt as Sally Harper
Sarah Alexander as Susan Walker
Richard Mylan as Oliver Morris
Samuel Barnett as Sex Shop Assistant
Richard Coyle as Jeff Murdoch
Rachel Shelley as Samantha
Muriel Pavlow as Angela
Lloyd Owen as James
Emma Pierson as Jennifer

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