Daddio (NBC 2000, Michael Chiklis, Anita Barone)

A family comedy for the new millennium, Daddio is a half-hour series starring Michael Chiklis as a stay-at-home father who is actually quite proficient in his new role as homemaker. From producer/writers Matt Berry and Ric Swartzlander, the series takes a funny and interesting look at families and how men’s and women’s roles are changing in the 2000s.

Chiklis stars as Chris Woods, a restaurant supply salesman who decides to leave his job and stay home to raise his family while his attorney wife, Linda (Anita Barone), goes back to work. Although Chris relishes his new role taking care of 13-year-old daughter Shannon (Cristina Kernan), 12-year-old son Max (Martin Spanjers), five-year-old Jake (Mitch Holleman) and infant Emily (Ashley and Whitney Steidl), he soon realizes that the kids are the least of his problems.

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Now a member of the mommies group, Chris is forever being advised by Linda’s well-meaning but annoying friend, Barb (Amy Wilson), on how to raise his kids, while Holly (Suzy Nakamura) never misses an opportunity to remind Chris just how tough stay-at-home parenting can be. Meanwhile, Chris also finds himself defending his domestic situation to both his slightly dense best friend (also Barb’s husband), Rod (Kevin Crowley), and his new neighbor, ex-Marine Bobick (Steve Ryan).

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Daddio is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from March 23 to October 23, 2000. Created by , the series starred Michael Chiklis and Anita Barone.

production details
USA | NBC | x25 minutes | Broadcast 23 March – 23 October 2000

Creators and Executive Producers: Matt Berry, Ric Swartzwelder

Michael Chiklis as Chris Woods
Anita Barone as Linda Woods
Cristina Kernan as Shannon Woods
Martin Spanjers as Max Woods
Mitch Holleman as Jake Woods
Ashley and Whitney Steidl as Emily Woods
Steve Ryan as Bobeck
Suzy Nakamura as Holly
Amy Wilson as Barb
Kevin Crowley as Rod Krolak
Penn Badgley as Todd

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