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Danger UXB (ITV Drama, Anthony Andrews, Judy Geeson)



In the superior world war two set drama series Danger UXB Lieutenant Brian Ash (Anthony Andrews) finds himself drafted into a bomb disposal squad, 97 Company Royal Engineers (part of the 27th Tunnelling Company). Ash is public school educated whilst most of the men around him are working class and has an initially uneasy relationship with his platoon but manages to win them over.

Whilst most of the action focused on the incredibly tense job of defusing unexploded bombs (and Ash was basically learning as he went along) there was also time for some romance with not only his landlady’s daughter Norma (Deborah Watling) but also more importantly Susan Mount (Judy Geeson) the married daughter of bomb expert Dr David Gillespie (Iain Cuthbertson).

This was a very well regarded series, a good quality cast and with a nice slow pace that allowed the tension of the stories to unfold naturally. Only one series was made although show makers Euston left the series open ended in case a second series was commissioned.

Danger UXB Anthony Andrews

Anthony Andrews as Lt Brian Ash

Cast: ANTHONY ANDREWS as Lt Brian Ash; JUDY GEESON as Susan Mount; IAIN CUTHBERTSON as Dr David Gillespie; MOYRA FRASER as Aunt Dodo; MARJIE LAWRENCE as Mrs Baker; DEBORAH WATLING as Norma Baker; ALFIE BASS as Reg Preston; LOUISA RIX as Angie; GERALDINE GARDNER as Nicky; NICK TATE as Chris Craik; PETER CARTWRIGHT as Maj Luckhurst; JEREMY SINDEN as Lt Ivor Rodgers; NICK BRIMBLE as 2nd Lt Gresham; MAURICE ROEVES as Sgt James; GEORGE INNES as Cpl Horrocks; KENNETH CRANHAM as Sapper Salt; JOHN BOWLER as Sapper Scott

Creators: John Hawkesworth, John Whitney / Associate Producer: Christopher Neame / Producer: John Hawkesworth / Executive Producer: Johnny Goodman

UK / ITV – Thames – Euston / 13×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 January – 2 April 1979