Elvis Presley: The Searcher (HBO 14 Apr 2018)

This two part HBO documentary tells the story of Elvis Presley offering up a comprehensive creative journey from his childhood through the final 1976 Jungle Room recording sessions.

Part one looked at the early life of Elvis, from his musical beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Memphis Tennessee, to his unprecedented rise in fame in 1956. Following a string of hit records and memorable TV performances, Elvis becomes a movie star. In part two we see that a string of lightweight movies in the 1960s stunts Elvis’ musical growth and alienates many fans. He has a triumphant TV comeback in 1963 but a gruelling concert schedule and an increased reliance on prescription drugs takes a toll on Elvis.

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production details
Country: USA | HBO
Release Year: 2018

Creator: Alan Light

Elvis Presley
Priscilla Presley
Tom Petty
Hal Blaine
Emmylou Harris
Bruce Springsteen

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